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Real Estate

AGH looks to acquire real estate around the globe. Our focus is on opportunities within the urban core and emerging international cities. Our goal is to generate attractive, risk adjusted returns for our investors over the longer term. Through our real estate investing platform, we want to address everything from new development, to opportunistic, to core, or debt across all risk categories. 

AGH seeks to target real estate including equity, debt, special situations transactions and businesses with significant real estate holdings that can benefit from our expertise, relationships with financial partners and state and local governments, financial structuring and capital markets. We focus on real estate investment opportunities where we can offer significant value. Our portfolio consists of all real estate asset classes including but not limited to retail, office, hotel and residential, were we can create value for both investors and communities. AGH also owns a managing interest in the commercial real estate financing portion of AGH Advisory Services which informs our strategy of recognizing real estate opportunities. 

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