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Financial Management &  Analysis

We work with businesses & public sector agencies to perform financial analysis to examine their operations from a variety of perspectives in order to fully understand the greater financial situation and determine how best to strengthen the company or agency. Our financial analysis looks at many aspects of an organization from its profitability and stability to its solvency and liquidity.

Strategic Business & Economic Development

AGH works with companies as well as state & local governments to identify one or more sustainable competitive advantages that a firm has in the markets it serves (or intends to serve), and advise on how to allocate resources to properly address the market need. We also advise on pursuing strategic opportunities for our clients by identifying new markets for its products or services

Commercial Financing

AGH also serves as a commercial financing advisory firm that provides a diverse array of financial products (both equity and debt) to meet financing needs of business owners, real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We have funding capabilities that rival even the largest financial institutions, we understand that every business comes with its own unique capital demands.

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