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Private Equity

Our portfolio of companies consists of a variety of businesses in different industries around the world. We’ve worked tirelessly to uncover value through identifying unique business opportunities and using strategic capital and great partnerships to increase the value of these businesses. Our goal is building companies and helping them realize their true growth potential. We do this by uncovering value, identifying great business opportunities, employing strategic capital and providing additional operating and marketing support. We focus on putting great management teams in place to build our portfolio companies, create new business opportunities and make acquisitions that meet our mission to support long term strategies that enhance the communities in which we work. 


AGH seeks to provide more than just capital to the businesses we work with. We look to make the companies we create and invest in stronger through a rigorous process that creates a best-in-market concept for our portfolio companies. AGH harnesses the expertise of our professionals across the board to provide strategic guidance on a variety of improvements for our businesses. We also look to find opportunities to provide growth capital and minority investments to companies and communities that can leverage our expertise. 

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